Modern Prefabricated Steel Building

   Qingdao Xinguangzheng have 5 factories,the new factory named Qingdao Canam Integrated House Co., Ltd.The area of this new factory is more than 30,000m2,eave height is 12m,middle column is 15m high,totally 8 bays.The steel construction is already finished in the year 2014. It is greatly improve the production efficiency to meet the requirement of plenty of orders.

Integrated house is a kind of new product that develops gradually in recent years. Canam has been getting new achievements continually in technical research and development since 2008. We have designed and manufactured a series of integrated houses and most of them have got the national practical patents and widely be used around the world, such as light wall protection panel, assembled building module, ultra light steel building block, new intellectualized building module, new building combination module.

Steel construction processing and manufacturing

According to the installation sequence and process requirement in steel members on the steel platform of prefabrication and assembly, to ensure the welding quality.
Steel stitching seam stitching the flange and web of stitching joint spacing should be greater than 200 .Flange plate splicing length should not be less than 2 times the width;Web stitching width should not be less than 300 , length should be not less than 600 .
Convenience for welding, to ensure the welding quality, as far as possible the stiffener plate on the column, beam, connecting plate, plate, pick beam (beam) on the surface of the steel platform set according to construction drawing size of the welding.


The application of steel  construction
Steel structure is widely used in residential, factory, warehouse, tower, power plants, Bridges, and other areas of the building.Steel structure industry is usually divided into light steel structure, high-rise steel structure, steel structure residential steel structure, space and bridge steel structure of the five subclasse