EPS&Cement Sandwich Panel House

 EPS&Cement sandwich panel is a new energy saving product,it has lots of advantages:

1-water proof,fire proof

2-heat preservation

3-sound insulation,sound absorption

4-space saving,cost reduction

5-high strength,seismic resistance

6-easy to install,shorten the coshorten the construction period

Main components of this house is as following:

A.Main steel frame

1.galvanized purlin:C80*40*15*2.0

2.roof truss:square tube40*40*2.0
3.ceiling frame:square tube40*40*1.5
B.Roof system
1.V-840 roof panel,0.5mm thickness
C.Wall system
1.EPS&Cement sandwich panel:610*2800*90mm
1.steel wood door:0.8*2.05
2.aluminium window: 0.585*0.585
E.Electricity system
F.Water system