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Steel structure building for industrial plant

Steel structure building for industrial plant
Steel structure building for workshop

Inquiry of Steel structure building:
-With reference of product offering on your site, may I know if you need some steel structure buildings from china?
-We are Chinese manufacturer, mainly produce prefab steel structure buildings.Product are mainly used for Workshop,Warehouse,Shed,office,School building ,modular living house,poultry house,aircraft garage/hangar,car port,super market etc .
-If you have interest in our products,pls connect us with no hesitate.We are sure any of your inquiry will get our prompt reply.
The characteristics of the steel structure building:
1, the steel structure bearing capacity of light weight and high: belongs to the lightweight high strength material
2, steel is the most close to homogeneous isotropic body: the steel cut into small pieces Every small pieces will have roughly the same mechanical properties And performance is also roughly the same in every direction Is the foundation of solid mechanics
3, good plasticity and toughness of steel: under static load steel have good plastic deformation capability
4, steel has good welding performance: the so-called "good" refers to steel welding performance after the welding process and welding can preserve the integrity of the welding part is not cracking properties
5, steel structure has the characteristics of no leakage, no matter adopt welding, riveting or bolt connection of steel structure can be sealed and no leakage
6, factory, construction steel structure manufacture assembly: component is lighter Construction is convenient The site covers an area of small short construction period Also facilitate the demolition of reinforcement and reconstruction
7, poor corrosion resistance of steel, steel in high humidity, corrosion medium environment Easy to rust section diminishing Affect the service life of damaged the structure Thus the steel structure need regular maintenance
8, heat-resistant steel structure performance is good, but the poor fireproof performance: experimental proof Steel from room temperature to 150 ℃ when the performance change is not big Are of great strength and plasticity changes after more than 150 ℃ to 600 ℃ when the strength to zero completely lose bearing capacity To improve the steel structure fire resistance rating Half of the commonly used wrapped concrete or brick structure Can besmear fireproofing coating file fireproofing coating thickness 15 mm steel members of refractory limit of 1.5 h
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