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Heavy-duty Steel Structure Industrial Plant

Heavy-duty Steel Structure Industrial Plant
Heavy-duty Steel Structure Plant



This Refining Workshop was made in steel -steel structure workshop was nearly 2000 square meter.The refining workshop is very tall,about 24M,this is the new direction of the steel structure project.This steel structure workshop has high requirement in corrosion resistance,and there are more independent small workshop.Our company spend more than four months to finish this steel workshop,and customer gave us highly praise when finished.

Steel structure building data for reference
1.Opinions 1)We can supply steel structure building for workshop,warehouse,hangar,hotel,apartment,shopping mall,container house, poultry house, modular house, garage, bridge crane, various steel structure materials etc.
2)We can also make and develop new parts according to customers’ drawings and detailed dimensions.
1)   Size:
 MOQ is 500m2;
 Width * Length * Eave Height;
Roof slope;
 Single slope, double slope, Multi-slope;
 Single span, double-span, Multi-span;
 Single floor, double floors,Multi-floors;
3) Base: steel foundation bolts
4) Steel fream:
Material Q345(S355JR)Gr50or Q235(S235JR) steel;
All bolts connection;
Straight cross-section or Variable cross-section;
5) Bracing: X-type or V-type or other type bracing made from angle, round bar, etc ;
6) Wall & Roof C/Z Purlin: Size from C80~C300; Z100~Z300;
7) Roof and wall panel:
Single color corrugated steel sheet 0.326~0.7mm thick;
Sandwich panel with EPS, ROCK WOOL, PU etc insulation, thickness around 50mm~200mm;
8Window:UPVC or Aluminum Alloy.
9Door:Sliding or Roller shutter door.
10) Gutter material:Color steel sheet or galvanized  steel or stainless  steel;
11)Rainspout: PVC pipe
12)Accessories: Skylight panel, Ventilation, Fasteners etc
13)Surface process: Shot blasting Sa2.5;Two lays of Anti-rust Painting!  
14) Packing: Main steel frame without packing load in 40’ OT, roof and wall panel load in 40’ HQ!  
The features of steel structure building

Give priority to with steel structure, is one of the main building structure types.The characteristics of the steel is high strength, light weight, stiffness big, reason is used for construction of large span and super high, super-heavy buildings is suitable;
Homogeneous and isotropic materials is good, is a ideal elastic body, the most in line with the general engineering mechanics basic assumption;Material plasticity and toughness, good can have large deformation, can bear dynamic load;Short construction period;Its high degree of industrialization, can be high mechanization degree of specialization of production;Processing of high precision, high efficiency, good sealing, so it can be used to build tanks, tank and transformers, etc.
The downside is poor fire resistance and corrosion resistance.Is mainly used for heavy-duty workshop bearing frame, the dynamic loads of the building structure, plate and shell structure, tall TV tower and mast structure, Bridges and warehouse and other large span structure, tall and super-tall building, etc.


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